On top of the essential services that we provide, we also offer an array of additional services designed specifically to make our authors’ literary journey easier. We are constantly testing new marketing and publishing strategies to ensure that we always offer what is best for our authors. With our state-of-the-art equipment and software, we will ensure that you book gets the first-rate publishing and marketing treatment that it deserves.


Digital Publishing

Digital publication has created a whole new playing field, with a ton of exciting opportunities for authors and self-publishers. Our team has successfully handled the publication and marketing of numerous e-books before. We will format, design, and publish your book in e-book on Amazon Kindle. Our team will also create rich multimedia ancillary products that compliment your book and improve the overall reading experience. Depending on the chosen e-book distribution strategy for your book, we will also check if publication is possible with other e-book retailers.


Audiobook Publishing

For the past ten years, audio books have been the fastest growing segment in the entire book publishing industry. If you want to publish your book in audio format, we can work with you on this. Our team can handle the specifics when it comes to publishing your manuscript as an audiobook. We narrate, produce, master, publish, and distribute your book in audiobook format on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, as well as in libraries and select retailers. However, keep in mind that certain books are not a good fit for audio, so our team will let you know before we finalize the publishing contract.


Website Building and Marketing

Our team can help you build or improve your author website. We also help build or enhance your email list and email marketing campaigns. Creative and effective website design and development is necessary, especially if you want to sell your book online. We also offer social media marketing and consulting services. We can advertise your book online through PPC ads, Amazon ads, and other advertising and book promotion platforms. We will also help promote your book to the most suitable book reviewers and industry influencers.