Asia 2000 has helped authors around the world make their dreams a reality by publishing books from a wide range of genres. It provides everything that authors need in order to launch their book project and make it available across the world.


Editing and Proofreading

Creating a manuscript can take time, even years. Asia 2000 has a professional team that will ensure your book is market-ready and good to go for publication. Our editors provide developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading services to make sure that every book that we publish is high quality and free of errors. You can also choose which editorial services will suit your needs best. Whether you are a first-time author or an already established one, our team will help you improve the readability and quality of your book project.


Book Cover and Design

Formatting and design are some of the key elements when ensuring that your book generates the kind of impact that you expect. Our team of professional designers will create the perfect cover for your book as well as help you create the right brand for it. They will make sure to deliver creative and innovative cover design concepts for both print & online editions. From concept to completion, the team will work with you closely to attain your design objective, based on your branding standards.


Production and Publication

Our production team has successfully delivered projects on time, on budget, and with high quality for all of our authors. We make your book available in quality paperback, hardback, or bespoke leather bound tomes. From children’s books to cookbooks, we also publish in full color to give your book the first-rate publication that it deserves.


Marketing and Distribution

If you want your book to sell and be read by your target audience, a marketing plan is a must. We will help you come up with a promotional plan that is aligned with your book’s brand. Our team will help you choose from our range of marketing strategies to determine which one best fits your genre, personal goals, and marketing requirements.